What is Circa-Caliente?

located at the historic Caliente Tropics Resort at 
411 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, Ca 92264

The word "circa" means the approximate date when something happened. Circa now also means another event from the producer and host of Tiki Caliente.

Circa Caliente is a four-day celebration where our guests can revel in the music, art, libations and symposiums from eras that have even more personal meaning to them -- the 1950's through 1980's -- along with a hearty helping of Tiki, of course!  And THIS year, we are creating a Tiki takeover for Circa -- or as we are calling it, "Tiki Caliente 13.5 - The Lost Years. We have two years of entertainment to catch up on since Covid snatched it away. No better way to get your toes wet on the social seen then a weekender.

If you appreciate Tiki, the style, art and nostalgia from your childhood (or younger years), and you enjoy the kind of fun that the Tiki Caliente has given you, then we are sure you will want to be part of this year's Circa Caliente.  Make sure to follow our Facebook page for all the news and updates.