Updates start July 1st 2024

Thursday October 3rd:

4:30pm: Magnum P.I. Meetup and Mug Signing with John Mulder (Cantina)

6pm: Ding Dong Devils (Main Stage)

8pm: Tony Marsico & Ugly Things (Main Stage)

10pm: Heino the German Sensation (Reef Bar)

Friday October 4th:

2pm: Oktoberfest with Sven & Heino (Reef)

4pm: Group Toast & Photo (Main Stage)

4:30pm: Martini Kings (Main Stage)

7pm: Dirty Lowdown (Main Stage)

10pm: The Don wHo Experiance

Saturday October 5th:

Noon: Tony Aloha (Reef Bar)

2pm: Miss Roper Meetup (Cantina)

4pm: Dirty Lowdown (Main Stage)

6pm: Par Avion (Main Stage)

8pm: Lushy (Main Stage)

10pm: Singalong with Heino & wHO

Sunday October 6th:

Noon: Par Avion (Main Stage)

2pm: Lushy (Main Stage)

4pm: Seersucker Sunday (Cantina)

6pm: Jimmy Phycho (Cantina)
Lucha Libre Attire