Official Circa Caliente 2022 Schedule


7PM-9PM Dirty LowDown (Main Stage)

7PM Coleman,Crawfords&Neely's
(#116 Ricks Bar-Room Party)

9PM Brian & Ryan (#247 Drink at Candy Castle-Room Party)

10PM-11PM Alöha from Heino! (Reef Bar)


10AM  TropiCrone Aquacade class with Marina (workout/bathing suite needed)

Noon-2PM Guilty Pleasures with D.J. Lush and Wildsville (Main Stage)

4:30PM Group Photo and Toast (Main Pool)

5PM-7PM Dirty LowDown

5PM The Osarios (#147 Stupid Human Tricks-Room Party)

7PM Browns & Silvas
(#103 One Eyed Willies Tiki Debauchery-Room Party)

7PM The Andersons (#214 Let's Make A Deal-Room Party)

8PM Flaming Tiki  (#139 The Infected Specimen & Shots with the Shotts- Room Party)

8PM-10PM Nutty 

10PM The Waymans (#148 Friday the 14th-Room Party)

10PM Zen Tiki Lounge
(#117 Come Love My Boat-Room Party)


10am Moai Muscle with Marina
(Workout Main Stage Area)

11AM Browns & Silva
(#103 999 Hungover Haunts-Room Party)

11AM Bitter Steve & Lady Miss Wong (#135 Exotica-Room Party)

Noon-1PM New Release Listening Party
(Martini Kings/Marina at the Reef)

1PM-3PM The Hale'iwa Island Trio

1PM Daiquiris with Zen Tiki Lounge Podcast (LE FERN)

2PM Shag Store Print release and signing

5PM-7PM TikiTronic (Main Stage)

7PM Cutwater Spirits&Heino! (#100 -Back Stage Blitz)

7PM T&T (#240 MASH 240-77 Officers Club- Room Party)

8PM-10PM Yachty By Nature  
(Main Stage)

10PM-Midnight Don wHo Show with
Martini Kings (Reef Bar)

10PM Tonga Hut (#134 T.H. Murphy's General Store-Room Party)

10PM Lucca's Snake Bite Lounge 
(#204 Poppy's Lair-Room Party)


10:30 AM Zen Tiki Lounge (Winners Announced Main Stage)

11am-1pm Martiki (Main Stage)

2PM-4PM Luv&Haight (Psychedelic Music-Main Stage)

4pm-6pm SeerSucker Sunday at